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what are SENIOR PHOTOS even for?

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Forever I will remember the absolute lightbulb moment I had on a late-summer senior photoshoot. While driving to our next photo spot, my senior curiously piped up,

"So...what do people do with their senior photos, anyway?"

It's easy to forget that each senior's senior year is their first one, and that many people partake in the long-held tradition without even knowing why. Or that people book their shoot without having a plan for their photos.

With that, here are the main things I see people do with their seniors' photos after the shoot:

1. For Grad Parties - in addition to being the perfect thing to personalize your invitations (your family will love to see how "grown up" you are!), senior photos make excellent

additions to your grad party itself. They can be used as "decorations" alongside your tables filled with any memories, awards, college plans, etc., and they help round out your photo slideshow if you choose to create one. (Not to mention customized thank you notes, too!)

2. For Your Parents - your senior year is filled with a sea of "lasts" beginning with your "last first day of school." For those who have been cheering you on through all the firsts, there are so many feelings involved, but most of all, pride and excitement. Your parents are absolutely going to be sharing about you and your accomplishments all year long, and having professional photos that you love (instead of the most recent photo of you on your parents' camera roll) makes that experience easier and more engaging for everyone.

3. For The Yearbook - a unique place where you'll absolutely want to have senior photos will be for "senior ads." This can look a little different from school to school, but essentially there will be a spot in the back of the yearbook to feature seniors -- and you're not going to want just your school picture for it. Instead, have photos ready that effortlessly showcase your personality, passions, and accomplishments.

4. To Mark a Milestone! - most of all, graduating high school marks the end (and beginning!) of several chapters in your life, making it the perfect time to capture the memories and details that makes up you and your life at this stage in time before things change and get busy in the chapters ahead.

The bottom line is this: there's no "one" reason that everybody gets their senior portraits taken, but they're something that will help make senior year a little more fun, and smooth, and capture cherished memories to be enjoyed all year long and for many, many years ahead.

(Also: Senior portraits don't have to be a solo endeavor. Are you planning a joint grad party with your best friend? Do a senior shoot together! Best friend shoots are soooooo much fun, and having your BFF with you can help things feel a little less intimidating if you’re nervous about getting in front of the camera! Don't be afraid to ask to make *your* shoot totally your own!)

xoxo Sam



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