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l o v e r s  &  e n g a g e m e n t


Amber Lovers | $200


Opal Lovers | $275


Sapphire Lovers | $450

Wanting something quick and easy to announce your engagement? Or maybe just want to freshen up photos around the home? Amber Lovers is a great place to begin.

☾ one location

☾ minimum 10-15 hand-edited photos

Approximately 30 minutes of shooting time

Get the best of both worlds with Opal Lovers: create and capture romantic memories with your loved one naturally, easily.

☾ one-two locations

☾ minimum 35-40 hand-edited photos

Approximately 60 minutes of shooting time

The Sapphire Lovers is the way to indulge. Celebrate your love by being able to take your time at your favorite sites with your favorite person.

☾ two locations

☾ minimum 60 hand-edited photos

Approximately 120 minutes of shooting time 

Can I give a photoshoot as a gift?

Absolutely! Photoshoots make excellent, timeless gifts, and I'd love to help you honor somebody with one. Shoot me a message, and we can begin to make arrangements for your one-of-a-kind gift.

What's with the photo minimum?

This is me promising you'll have *at least* as many edited photos as is listed on your chosen package -- but -- I will have you know, I love taking a ton of photos to get just the best shot and trying lots of different things during a shoot. You will almost absolutely be walking away with far more photos than is listed.

What should we wear?

I like to tell people to think in terms of color palettes: cool tones, earthy tones, warm tones, neutrals. Consider where you'd like to take your photos, too. There's no need to be camouflaged, so avoid greens if we're shooting in a forest, etc. Of course, you can always ask for my feedback leading up to your photoshoot, too, just in case you're not sure.

How soon will we get our photos back?

You'll have some back within a few days! Photoshoots are exciting, and I don't want you to have to wait to share some of your photos. The rest of your photos will be available to you in your online gallery in 1-2 weeks.

Begin planning your photoshoot here.

How would you prefer to be contacted?

Thanks! I'll be in touch soon! -Sam

Stingray Photo Co. is Kansas City-based
and ready to travel anywhere you are.

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