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I'm Sam. The thunderstorms brought me here.

No, but really. 

The Kansas/Missouri border is my home,  and my eyes have been glued to stormy skies since the moment I  first looked up. Thunderstorms, lightning, tornados, are living, breathing art. My favorite thing is how the skies can be so chaotic, yet beautiful. 

After college, with my camera in one hand and a road map in the other, I realized those dark, flashing skies were mine to chase. Photography allows me to do that.

Before dreaming Stingray Photo Co. into reality, I received my degree in English and Education. I've spent the last several years teaching students from across the globe how to grow to be more confident readers, writers, and conversationalists in the English language. 

These things have everything to do with you, dear reader. I'm honored to photograph portraits because you, too, are living, breathing art, chaotic and powerful with the same awe-inspiring beauty of a thunderstorm.

Also, I really don't know how I could do what I do without my years as a teacher. Effortlessly adapting for what the moment calls for? Managing all the diverse personalities for family pictures at your wedding? Helping you feel your best self in front of a big camera? I've got you. I'm a professional at making people feel at ease, and surprises don't scare me.

When I'm not running around with my cameras, you can probably find me playing with flowers, stitching together a quilt, reading about science and history, or cheering on a Salvy home run.

Can't wait to say "howdy" in person!

xoxo Sam

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