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Wedding Photographer Equipment Checklist

Let's make sure you've got everything packed with this wedding photographer equipment checklist! For a new photographer, the night before a wedding can be one full of excited and nervous tension. Is everything charged? Memory cards clear? 17 alarms set? To help alleviate some of those feelings and avoid the frustration of forgetting something you'd love to have with you, I want to share the full packing list I review for each and every wedding I photograph (and a few explanations of each.)

(Of course, there's going to be things on here that you may not necessarily need. Don't over think it! If it's dry season in the desert, you can probably leave the umbrellas at home. I'm not especially tall, but maybe you are! If that's the case, you probably won't need to worry about bringing a step stool as religiously as I do.)

It's always made the most sense for me to have my items organized by the timeline in which I will use them, and then related items grouped together, too.

The Wedding Photographer Equipment Checklist

Flat Lay Essentials

Scissors (mainly to cut flowers to make sure I can get just the right look for the flat lay)

Sticky Tack or similar (especially helpful to style ring shots)

Acrylic risers (to give depth to your stationery)

Reflector (to give you some more options in lighting your flat lay)

Ring boxes (oftentimes, couples will provide these, but I always want to have backup)

Stamps and/or wax seals

Ring dishes

▢ Wooden block or similar (to nail those 90-degree angles in your shots)

Ribbons or other fabric spools (to add texture and movement to your flat lay)

Product backdrops (in case I can't find a good place to set up the flat lay with good lighting, with this, I can photograph the flat lay anywhere)

**Feeling a little overwhelmed with some of these flat lay pieces? No worries! You can have an absolutely stunning flat lay with just the things you have at the wedding - veils, shoes, perfume. I like to be able to communicate the theme and feel for the wedding and the couple through the flat lays, so I'm all about crafting together the accessories.

If you're wanting to accessorize your flat lays without the time and money spent gathering specific items, I've got you covered! I rent out all my flat lay styling kits for this very reason! Check out the Stingray Photo Co. Flat Lay Rentals here.

Photographer "First Aid' (for you or anyone else who needs it)

Business cards

Water bottle & hydration supplement (Liquid IV is my favorite)

Protein bars, other snacks

Power strip/brick (to easily charge everything you need. This kind is my absolute favorite.)

▢ Tissues

Bug spray



▢ Breath mints

Camera Gear

Camera body 1

Camera body 2

Lenses for the day (for me, this is usually...)

▢ 24-70mm

▢ 50mm

▢ 70-200mm

▢ Lens pen/cleaning tools

On-Camera Flash

Rechargeable AA batteries (for on-camera flash)

Rechargeable battery charger

Standard AA batteries (as a backup)

Camera batteries

Camera battery chargers

Camera backpack

Rain cover for backpack

Standard SD cards

▢ Carrying case for SD cards

▢ Large SD cards (so I can shoot on two cards at once)

▢ Memory card-computer stick (in case I have time to backup photos during the day)

▢ External hard drive (because you can never be too careful)


Clear umbrellas (I have 2 for the couple in case it's raining and they want photos outdoors)

Rain cover for camera

Lens effect pieces (I like pantyhose and prisms right now)

Studio umbrella light (just in case lighting gets too low for things like getting ready)

Pretty hanger (in case a bride only has a plastic hanger for her gorgeous gown - we can't have that!)

Group photo shot list (I have the couple help me create this prior to the wedding to ensure group and family photos goes as quickly, smoothly, and a least awkward as possible)

Highlighter marker (to keep track of progression through group shots)

▢ Extra shoes and clothes (you just never know what the day will bring!)

I imagine this list will grow over time, but rest assured, there is more than enough here to get you through any wedding day. Visualize your day from start to finish, think about what could come up and why, review this list, cut what you don't need, and don't forget to breathe!

(PS - don't forget to save this list to come back to for your future weddings, too!)

Best of luck to you all on your weddings!

xoxo Sam


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