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Jocelyn & Michael's Timeless, Kansas City Courthouse Ceremony

One of my favorite things about my role as a wedding photographer is how often it reminds me of the beautiful serendipity that is human connection, and Jocelyn & Michael's timeless, Kansas City courthouse ceremony did exactly that. The moment I met Jocelyn and Michael, their warm, bold, and playful personalities resonated so deeply. We just vibed. It was a perfect match, and I was thrilled to capture their special day.

Our story began at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, a Kansas City favorite for all types of photos as it's creamy stone features, stone walkways through the trees, ornate fixtures, and shallow reflection pools is a perfect location for so many things. The romantic energy between Jocelyn and Michael was palpable, and the Nelson only enhanced it. Every click of the shutter was met with their genuine laughter and excitement, making the process feel more like a joyous collaboration than a photo session.

Just a few days prior to our meet at the museum, Jocelyn had contacted me. Her initial need was simple - to find a wedding dress. But we quickly found ourselves planning a comprehensive photographic journey for their big day. Soon, we had organized everything - the perfect dress, florals (from The Fiddly Fig), and even our wedding day plan was ready to go.

The morning of their wedding, we began with intimate shots at the museum, a serene and beautiful start to an unforgettable day. From there, we moved on to the Wyandotte County Courthouse, where Jocelyn and Michael made their love official. The courthouse, with its grand stairs, proved to be an amazing spot for post-ceremony family photos.

Being a part of Jocelyn and Michael’s wedding day was not only an honor, but a delightful experience. It was the perfect blend of organization and spontaneity, all backed by a deep sense of love and joy. From a simple request for a wedding dress to a beautiful, full-blown wedding plan, this journey was a testament to the wonderful unpredictability that love and life bring. Capturing their big day reminded me once again why I love doing what I do.

Here’s to Jocelyn and Michael - may their lives be as full of joy as their wedding day was.


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