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You did it!

No matter how many years you've been at it, you deserve to capture this moment.

college grads

Amber Grad | $200

Simple and sweet, the Amber Grad is the perfect choice for seniors looking for a straight-forward photo experience. No fuss? Look no further.

☾ one location

☾ minimum 10-15 edited photos

Approximately 30 minutes of shooting time

One outfit recommended

Opal Grad | $275

Welcome to the sweet spot with the most popular senior package. Highlight your different styles and personality while scoring *plenty* of photos for Senior Sunday.

☾ one-two locations

☾ minimum 25-30 edited photos

Approximately 60-90 minute shoot time

Two outfits recommended 

Sapphire Grad | $450

The Sapphire Grad is for those who want it all. Tell the full story of you and your school experience without limitations -- and dream up your deluxe shoot in person with your photographer in a cafe of your choice.

☾ two-three locations

☾ minimum 50 edited photos

☾ let's grab coffee! drinks are on me as we plan your senior photos

Approximately 2-3 hour shoot time

At least three outfits recommended 

The BFF Session | $275

Have a blast with your friends! With this unique senior session, we'll celebrate your friendships and your accomplishments to cherish the moments together before the next chapter begins. Grab up to 4 of your besties, and let's make some memories. 

☾ one-two locations

☾ 35+ hand-edited photos

Approximately 60-90 minute shoot time

Two outfits recommended (or your cap and gowns!)


Image by Jarritos Mexican Soda

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